Asslam o Alykum, Welcome to Jewel.Pk.

We are really happy to introduce Jewel.Pk to our customers, is a website where you can find authentic 925 Silver Jewelry with Natural Gemstones, Alhamdulilah we are operating our business in kuwait from 1987 and never had quality complain.

All the gemstones and jewelry you will purchase from our website, will grant you lifetime grantee for authentic and Original product. we are also linked with Gemology.Pk (Gemology of Pakistan), we will try our best to provide you Gemology.Pk Certificate with precious products.

About Founder.

My name is Muhammad Umer, aka (Umer Goldsmith), I am certified from GIA (Gemological Institution of America) for Gemstones Identifications. I am very much experienced in gemstones trade field, I am great jewelery designer and maker, You can find more details about me at : Umer Goldsmith my website.

Inshallah, I will try my best to start teaching about gemstones at

Umer Goldsmith