Why Us?

Most Reasonable Pricing:

We have Good research on Prices, we have compared our prices already with other jewelry websites and shops, and other facebook sellers. Some websites charges too much higher prices and facebook sellers ask prices according to your profile. lol.

So here we are introducing great price range and authentic Products.

Experienced Seller / Owner :

Well, I clearly stated my name on my website i am Umer Goldsmith. This is my family business and i am watching/purchasing gemstones & Jewelry from my childhood. Even i am certified with a great course from Bangkok/Thailand from GIA (Gemological Institution of America). I have good grip on making & Polishing Jewelry.

Our Dispatch is Great :

Well whenever we receive order first we confirm availability, we double check selected size by customers, We put Jewelry gemstone in softbox then into a jewelry box, and even we wrap jewelry box with good bubble sheet to protect it, because Pakistani couriers doesn’t care fragile items, but we do care for our customers, it’s our responsibility to provide maximum facility to our customer. After in the last we pack it into a sealed flyer, only customers are allow to open that flyer/packet after paying the payment.

Quality & Guarantee:

We make a strong promise to our customers for a great quality. We don’t want you to purchase from our website for one time only, we want to make a strong relationship, we want you to stay connect with us and we will respect your trust.

We are responsible for lifetime purchase, we make life time guarantee for what we described.

We Deal in 925 Silver only, we don’t sell artificial jewelry, we sell natural gemstones only.